Ribbands Rapidplay

Following its successful debut in 2023, the Ribbands Rapidplay will run again over the summer of 2024, starting on the 28th of May and finishing just before events kick off for the 2024/2025 league season. Players are welcome to join the event at any time – there is no need to register in advance or to play in all of the rounds. Just turn up on any Tuesday in time for a 19.30 start (doors open at 19.15). There will be two rounds per evening (or one on evenings featuring some other Summer Programme event), with expected finish around 21.30 (players are also free to leave after one round, for an expected finish time around 20.30).

Games will be played at a time limit of 25 minutes with an increment of 10 seconds per move, and will be ECF-rated. Although the games are played on an even basis, the tournament is scored as a handicap tournament in the sense explained below (see tournament scoring).

Tournament scoring: each player is assigned a starting rating based on their ECF rapidplay (or standard play if no rapidplay rating available) rating at the time they first join the event. Based on the starting ratings, we use the ECF K-ratings table to indicate the number of points each player earns or loses against each other player for a win, loss, or draw. Players at equal starting ratings will gain 10 points for a win, lose 10 points for a loss, and score 0 points for drawing against each other. Players at lower starting ratings than their opponent will gain more points for winning, lose fewer points for losing, and gain a small number of points for drawing. And so on. Here is the current table showing the number of points each player earns for drawing against any of the other players – a win scores 10 points more than this and a loss scores 10 points fewer:

The winner will be the player with the largest average number of points earned per game played, provided they have played a minimum of 8 games.

Current standings (updated 17 July, after Rd 14):

PlayerStarting ratingGame pointsGames playedAverage score
Neel Mishra1013247.3
Linhao Sha1502586.1
Simeon Bott1987335.5
Vikram Banerjee1476555.3
John Nevin1023474.4
Ethan Liu1400123.8
Shai Zmigrod1050343.3
Clara Ma1488112.8
Anthony Norris1857462.6
James Cole2146112.4
Alan Richardson2022450.9
Paul McMahon19346.580.6
Ethan Wood11734120.4
Simon Marsden152849-0.2
Alan Wadsworth16403.59-0.4
Oded Pilowsky Bankirer177012-0.9
Konrad Scheffler18045.512-2
Paul Kemp19794.58-2.8
Edina Mirauta80002-3
Eugene Mirauta80001-3.8
Rob Davies1386310-4.6
Bluebelle Campbell102405-5.7
Eliad Mirauta92602-7
Michael Osborn149827-7.2
Matthew Heftman170001-11.6