Calendar 2023/24 Season

Listed below are the fixtures in the Bury Area Chess League and the Roger Goldsmith Tournament, together with local chess tournaments (italicised, see the Forthcoming Events page for details).

Thursday 7 September Bury Jamboree (Bury St Edmunds)

Tuesday 12 SeptemberDiv 1Linton Leopards v Ely Beet Bishops
Wednesday 13 SeptemberDiv 1Cambridge Choristers v Linton Lions
Wednesday 13 SeptemberDiv 3Sudbury v Linton Lemurs
Tuesday 19 SeptemberDiv 2Linton Llamas v Newmarket Thoroughbreds
Thursday 21 SeptemberDiv 2Bury Hornets v Linton Lynxes

Sunday 24 September Cambridgeshire Rapidplay (Whittlesford)

Tuesday 26 SeptemberDiv 1Linton Lions v Bury Scarabs
Tuesday 26 SeptemberDiv 3Linton Lemurs v Ely Beet Rooks
Wednesday 27 SeptemberDiv 1Cambridge Choristers v Linton Leopards
Tuesday 3 OctoberDiv 2Linton Lynxes v Linton Llamas

Sat & Sun 7/8 October Bury St Edmunds Congress (Bury)

Monday 9 OctoberDiv 3Newmarket Dark Horses v Linton Lemurs
Tuesday 10 OctoberDiv 1Linton Leopards v Bury Cobras
Wednesday 11 OctoberDiv 1Cambridge Examiners v Linton Lions
Monday 16 OctoberDiv 2Newmarket Thoroughbreds v Linton Lynxes
Tuesday 17 OctoberDiv 2Linton Llamas v Cambridge Academicals

Sunday 22 October EACU Patrick Ribbands Team Championships (Bury)

Tuesday 24 OctoberDiv 1Linton Lions v Linton Leopards
Tuesday 24 OctoberDiv 3Linton Lemurs v Stowmarket
Tuesday 31 OctoberDiv 2Linton Lynxes v Cambridge Academicals
Monday 6 NovemberRG2Ely Beet Bandits v Linton Lapwings
Tuesday 7 NovemberRG2Linton Linnets v Stowmarket Checks
Tuesday 14 NovemberDiv 1Linton Leopards v Cambridge Bollards
Thursday 16 NovemberDiv 1Bury Cobras v Linton Lions
Thursday 16 NovemberDiv 3Bury Barracudas v Linton Lemurs
Wednesday 22 NovemberDiv 2Cambridge Gowns v Linton Llamas
Thursday 23 NovemberDiv 2Bury Vipers v Linton Lynxes
Tuesday 28 NovemberDiv 1Linton Lions v Cambridge Bollards
Thursday 30 NovemberDiv 1Bury Scarabs v Linton Leopards
Tuesday 5 DecemberDiv 2Linton Llamas v Bury Vipers
Tuesday 12 DecemberDiv 1Linton Leopards v Cambridge Examiners
Tuesday 12 DecemberDiv 3Linton Lemurs v Bury Earwigs
Monday 18 DecemberDiv 1Ely Beet Bishops v Linton Lions
Tuesday 19 DecemberDiv 2Linton Lynxes v Cambridge Gowns
Tuesday 2 January Club reopens after Christmas break Time handicap rapidplay (with guests)
Thursday 4 JanuaryDiv 2Bury Hornets v Linton Llamas
Monday 8 JanuaryRG2Newmarket Knights v Linton Linnets
Tuesday 9 JanuaryRG1Linton Longspurs v Cambridge Tourists
Tuesday 9 JanuaryRG2Linton Lapwings v Bury Beehive
Monday 15 JanuaryDiv 1Ely Beet Bishops v Linton Leopards
Tuesday 16 JanuaryDiv 1Linton Lions v Cambridge Choristers
Tuesday 16 JanuaryDiv 3Linton Lemurs v Sudbury
Monday 22 JanuaryDiv 2Newmarket Thoroughbreds v Linton Llamas
Tuesday 23 JanuaryDiv 2Linton Lynxes v Bury Hornets
Monday 29 JanuaryDiv 3Ely Beet Rooks v Linton Lemurs
Tuesday 30 JanuaryDiv 1Linton Leopards v Cambridge Choristers
Thursday1 FebruaryDiv 1Bury Scarabs v Linton Lions
Tuesday 6 FebruaryRG1Linton Longspurs v Bury Abbey
Tuesday 6 FebruaryRG2Linton Linnets v Linton Lapwings
Tuesday 13 FebruaryDiv 2Linton Llamas v Linton Lynxes
Tuesday 20 FebruaryRG2Stowmarket Checks v Linton Lapwings
Tuesday 27 FebruaryDiv 2Linton Lynxes v Newmarket Thoroughbreds
Wednesday 28 FebruaryDiv 2Cambridge Academicals v Linton Llamas
Tuesday 5 MarchDiv 1Linton Lions v Cambridge Examiners
Tuesday 5 MarchDiv 3Linton Lemurs v Newmarket Dark Horses
Wednesday 6 MarchRG1Cambridge Tourists v Linton Longspurs
Thursday 7 MarchDiv 1Bury Cobras v Linton Leopards
Tuesday 12 MarchDiv 1Linton Leopards v Linton Lions
Tuesday 12 MarchDiv 3Stowmarket v Linton Lemurs
Tuesday 19 MarchDiv 2Linton Lynxes v Bury Vipers
Tuesday 19 MarchDiv 2Linton Llamas v Cambridge Gowns
Tuesday 26 MarchDiv 1Linton Lions v Bury Cobras
Tuesday 26 MarchDiv 3Linton Lemurs v Bury Barracudas
Wednesday 27 MarchDiv 1Cambridge Bollards v Linton Leopards
Wednesday 3 AprilDiv 2Cambridge Academicals v Linton Lynxes
Tuesday 9 AprilRG2Linton Lapwings v Newmarket Knights
Thursday 11 AprilRG2Bury Beehive v Linton Linnets
Tuesday 16 AprilDiv 1Linton Leopards v Bury Scarabs
Tuesday 17 AprilDiv 1Cambridge Bollards v Linton Lions
Tuesday 24 AprilDiv 2Cambridge Gowns v Linton Lynxes
Thursday 25 AprilDiv 2Bury Vipers v Linton Llamas
Tuesday 30 AprilDiv 1Linton Lions v Ely Beet Bishops
Wednesday 1 MayDiv 1Cambridge Examiners v Linton Leopards
Thursday 2 MayDiv 3Bury Earwigs v Linton Lemurs
Tuesday 7 MayDiv 2Linton Llamas v Bury Hornets
Tuesday 14 MayRG2Linton Linnets v Ely Beet Rooks
Thursday 16 MayRG1Bury Abbey v Linton Longspurs