Club Tournaments

A feature of the Academy is the emphasis placed on playing high-quality competitive games. Opponents will be matched against others of a similar standard wherever possible. We encourage games to be recorded so players can go through their games afterwards using a computer engine to show tactical opportunities and blunders.

In the autumn we created two houses: Ravenclaw for more experienced players and Gryffindore for those at an earlier stage. If you feel you should be playing in the other group just email or speak to Paul and we’ll transfer you.

Evenings typically consist of two serious games with perhaps a few puzzles to solve where time permits, or one serious game with a coaching session. Anthony has devised a rating system (ALCA ratings) as a means of assessing your progress. They are similar to the ECF ratings which many of you will have but are a little more generous to reflect that you are improving.

In the spring term and the summer term we awarded prizes to the winners, best girls and most improved player in both Ravenclaw and Gryffindor groups. We will do the same in the summer term with most improved players being those who show the biggest improvement over their 15 March ALCA rating, provided they have played a minimum of six games.

Winners in the spring tournament were Linhao Sha, Bluebelle Campbell and Walt Dean (Ravenclaw) and Isaac Waller, Akshayaa and Daniel Mayes (Gryffindor). Isaac and second-placed Nok Hei Chan were promoted to Ravenclaw for the summer tournament.

Games played in the Ravenclaw tournament are sent for English Chess Federation rating. An ECF rating is helpful in entering tournaments organised elsewhere as it can affect what sections you can play in and whether you are eligible for prizes. Joining the ECF is easy: go to their website, click on membership and opt for Junior Silver membership, giving Linton as your club. Junior Silver membership is free in your first year, £6 a year thereafter, and has a number of benefits including an excellent online chess magazine. Whilst membership will be required for Ravenclaw players I would encourage Gryffindors to sign up as well.