Linton Success at Cambridgeshire Rapidplay

Fourteen Linton players competed in the Cambridgeshire Rapidplay at Whittlesford on 29 September, of whom seven were prizewinners.

In a strong Open Tournament two juniors, Giulio Sahinoz and Aarnavh Trivedi, shared both the junior prize and the grading prize, scoring 3/5.  This was remarkable in that in a field of 21 players everyone else was graded at least 15 points higher than them.

In the Major Tournament Mark Lim shared third place.  In the Challengers Tournament Patrick Ribbands shared third place, whilst Michael Osborn and Vikram Banerjee shared the grading prize. 

In the Minor Tournament Rob Davies shared second place.  Also competing creditably in the Minor were five Linton juniors, with newcomers Annchen and Cailynn Jones narrowly missing out on the prizes.

Paul Kemp