Forthcoming Events

EACU Patrick Ribbands Team Championships Sunday 22 October

Last year the Linton club achieved a remarkable triple success in winning all three divisions of the popular East Anglian team competition, so please sign up for this year’s event. Starting at 10am in Bury St Edmunds you will play three games, finishing around 5.50pm. There are three tournaments, an Open and two rating-limited divisions offering opportunities to players of all abilities.

Using jamboree pairings each team plays each other team on at least one board and the ratings are all pre-determined before the start. The time limit is 60 minutes plus a 10 second increment. If you’d like to play please let Paul Kemp know by Tuesday 10 October.

Cambridge FIDE Rapidplay, 14 January 2014

Five rounds with three tournaments: Open, U1900 and U1500. Held at Whittlesford in the same venue as the Cambridgeshire Rapidplay this is FIDE rated. Time control 25 minutes plus a 10 second increment.

For further details and an entry form go the ECF website and scroll down the Calendar page. This looks almost identical to the Cambridgeshire Rapidplay but is not being organised by local players.

EACU Closed Championships, 20+21 January 2024

A 5 round event with three tournaments: Open, U1950 and U1650. Held in Newmarket. Incorporates the East Anglian Junior Championships.

For an entry form and further information go to the EACU website and click on Fixtures and Events.