Ribbands Rapidplay

The Ribbands Rapidplay ran over 19 hotly contested rounds from 9th May 2023 to 22nd August 2023. Congratulations to our top 3!

1st Place: Briginshaw, James A.
2nd Place: Varea, Benjamin
3rd Place: Osborn, Michael MJ

23 players took part over the course of the summer, with 8 players reaching the minimum game requirement of 8 games.

Briginshaw, James A11154.5
Varea, Benjamin5.5113.1
Osborn, Michael MJ3.583
McMahon, Paul610-0.6
Marsden, Simon3.59-1.9
Kemp, Paul R6.510-2.1
Davies, Rob310-2.8
Wadsworth, Alan4.512-3.2
Lee, Ray126.9
Thompson, Greg225.3
Richardson, Alan3.553.9
Cole, James443.8
Varea, Gabriel2.563.6
Chan, Anthony123.2
Davison, Chris571.5
Banerjee, Vikram K240.1
Rodzik, Marcin14-2.4
Jackson, Simon C36-2.9
Evans, Ruben12-3.1
Jackson, Joel02-4.1
Nevin, John03-5.3
Turvey, Adam0.52-6.6
Scheffler, Konrad16-7.3
Ribbands Rapidplay Summer 2023 – Final Standings

The tables below show the rating gains scored in each round in cross-table format and also the tournament ratings used, with a reference to the gains that were available to each player depending on their opponent in the event of a win (click on images to expand):

Final Tournament Cross-Table

Points available to players for a win against different opponents
(subtract 10 for a draw, and subtract 20 for a loss)

The winner was determined by the player with the highest aggregate rating gain divided by games played, with a minimum requirement of 8 games.

Rating gains and losses were calculated using fixed tournament ratings, based on a player’s rapid rating as of May 2023 if they have a K-rating and standard rating otherwise. (A handful of players who didn’t have either were given provisional ratings for the purposes of the tournament.)

Official ECF player stats can be found here .