Bury Jamboree 2016

Linton won the Bury Jamboree on 8 September, retaining the trophy we won last year.  Our two teams finished first and second out of twelve competing.

Linton Lions (Kevin Clark, Martin Pinner, Giulio Sahinoz and Aarnavh Trivedi) won with the massive score of 11.5/12.  Linton Llamas (Paul Kemp, Paul McMahon, Patrick Ribbands and Lorenzo Sahinoz) were second with 9.5/12.

Kevin, Giulio, Aarnavh, Paul McMahon and Patrick all won all three of their games.

Bury Jamboree 2016 (3)    Bury Jamboree 2016 (2)

Bury Jamboree 2016 (1)

Linton Win Bury League Jamboree

The Bury League Jamboree took place at Moreton Hall Community Centre, Bury St Edmunds.

In this event entrants play three Rapidplay games against members of other clubs.

Linton won with a score of 11.5 out of 12, with Cambridge and Ely coming joint second.

Ashley Stewart, Paul Kemp, and Patrick Ribbands each won all three of their games.

Further information and pictures are available at Suffolk Chess.