Junior Rapidplay Tournament

The Anglian Learning Chess Academy held its first Junior Rapidplay on Saturday 23 March. 48 players took part from schools around Cambridge (and a couple from Peterborough) played five games in three separate age-specific tournaments. The Academy is grateful for the support and sponsorship received from Sawston Village College (which hosted the event) and Linton Chess Club (which organised the play).

The full results were as follows:

  • Under 11
  • Guy Parsons, Younes Youssef 4.5/5
  • Henry Loveday 3.5/5
  • Elliot Lingard, Lily Eru, Jack Mao, Riaan Rajeev 3/5
  • Siddharthan Aruna 2.5/5
  • Aaric Wong, George Loveday, Bowen Chen 2/5
  • Sudarsan Prabhagar, Danny Corliano 1/5
  • Caspian Bernard 0/5

Under 13

  • Ethan Liu 4.5/5
  • Hugo Eru, Samuel Goodger, Nehan Suresh 4/5
  • Linhao Sha 3.5/5
  • Luca Napier, Benjamin Tsang. Odysseas Jones-Roumeliotis, Jake Eru, Neel Mishra 3/5
  • Nok Hei Chan 2.5/5
  • Jonathan Guo, Daniel Mayes, Owen Langston, Walt Dean, Ruben Emerson, Ido Kalchheim 2/5
  • Shreya Kumar, Dhrona Sanish, Akshayaa Balasubramanian 1/5
  • Vaibhav Ramesh 0.5/5

Under 15/18

  • Ishaan Agarwal 5/5
  • Callum Collie 4/5
  • Frederick Fairhurst 3.5/5
  • Caleb Chan, Ben Varea, Tommy Mole, Ray Lee 3/5
  • Aaden Wong, George Kwok, Sebastian Chase, Tiberius Bernard 2/5
  • Lucas Man, Michael Fallon 1.5/5
  • Saisha Mehta 1/5

The winners and highest placed girls in each tournament received momento trophies. They were were Guy Parsons* and Lily Eru (U11); Ethan Liu, Luca Napier** and Shreya Kumar* (U13); Ishaan Agarwal, Ben Varea***, and Mehta Saisha. *On tie-break ** Best U12 ***Best U18

Academy members Guy Parsons (Thriplow Primary School, centre left) and Younes Youssef (Histon & Impington Primary School, centre right) shared first place in the Under 11 tournament. They are pictured with organisers Paul Kemp (left) and James Briginshaw (right).